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Sep 13, 2010 5:30pm EDT
tomorrow is primary dayyin maryland. all currently on the racc for city state attorney. michael has úhe latest high profile endorsement given out today and how it could affect the impacttand utcome of this >>reporter: jeff, just one day before voters decide who will likely be baltimore next -ústate attorney civil rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger greg bernstein over the innumbeet anddthe endorsement for him comes on the heels of simiiar endorsement from the baltimore úun and city police union. she picked up high profileen dovt doorsment including the minister conference add the community reeationnbreakfast she defened her accomppishment in office. >> over the course of my time as state ttorney i have done an outstanding job and i continue to perform on behalf of the citizens. >> so many so many staff in the office. tiie for baltimore to get sooething better than that. >>reporttr: now todaa murphy also said he was offended by the recent remark she made about bernstein taking us back 600years if he legislatureed miihael, news at 5:30. >> thank
Sep 13, 2010 11:00pm EDT
in thatt3 office. >> racc for city state's attorney, why the campaign is staying hot up until the enn. >> new plans to move the mosque. what a maryyand man is noww3 proposing. >> little rivalry going on here. and too bad he will lose. >> ravens' fans on the move. how they showed their purple pride, in enemy territory. >> and a reporter's allegation, why she laims the new york jets were harassing her. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, ttis is fox 45 news "late edition". >> helll again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight. primary day in marylanddis just and tonight election officials say they expect about 32 percent of voters to gg to the polls. michael buczyner has the story of a very surprise endorsement in the hotty contested baltimore state's attorney race that could have a major impact. >> just hours before vottrs decide who will likely be baltimore's next state's attorney. high profile defense attorney said he is breaking with tradition. civil rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger bernstein over jessamy. the latest high p
Sep 13, 2010 10:00pm EDT
bersare not sure. tomorrow as we said is primary day in the state of maryland. two key raccs will likkly be decided tomorrow night. hopefully. baltimore counny executive and baltimore city state's attorney. of course stay with fox 45 news all night long. live as he votes are and we will stay with you, until the key races are ecided. even if that means the sun get all he latest information for the primary in november's3 election, 2010. beautiful start to the work week. what is in store for primary here is chief volumes vytas reid with the forecast. voters don't have much of an excuse to vote. >> no, leave the umbrellas at home. ann take the sunglasses with you. plenty of sunshine. in fact, tomorrow, looks like good testimonies today was good temperatures across the region. as we were going through the day, looking across the state. we had temperatures right around in the lowee 80s today. but urrently we are sitting at 67 in baltimore. 75 in d.c. 73 ii hagerstown. 63 degrees the same in salisbury at 63. and as far aa the satellite strong storms rooled
Sep 15, 2010 6:00am EDT
, lauren. >>> coming p a big upset in the city. the unofficial winner of one th3 hottest primary raccs. >> let me just say one tting about him, he cares nothing ú%out the people that live in this building. >> and next, is the imam behind lord. the surprising >>> the imam behind the proposal to build a mosque in cultural center near ground ero has called himself a man of - but complaining abouu him as a landlord. the imam is some legal trouble. >> let me say ooe thing about him, he cares nothing about the people that live innthis building. >> reporter: he is not onlyú lower manhattan at the imam of the proposed mosque near ground zero. he is embroiled in his own controversy here in union city. >> i'' beside my self. >> reporter: e is the landlord of ttis apartment building. fixed and no hot water in the building. >> if he so religious, he should be able to care about what is going on in this builddng.3 lawssit agganst him for failing to repair what they saa are dangerous code violations. they coopllin of range from no heat to eleetricity to mold and3 bed bugs. theesuit has nothin
Sep 16, 2010 10:00pm EDT
for city state's attorney is still in limbo. grrg bernntein has a slim lead over patricia jessamy. john rydell reports a candidate is ready to call this racc over but not yet. >> there is a balance that may well determine the outcome of this contentious race. under the watchful eye of reporters and attorneys for the candidates, absentee ballots are being scrutinized.ú tuesday's returns showed criminal attorney greg bernstein leading incumbent patricia jessamy by 1300 votes. but that margin is now aabit wired. %-patricia jessamy 727. >> supporters of bernstein say that margin means this race is >> ww would hope that ms. patricia jessamy would just go ahead and concede. and recognize the inevitably of her loss. >> supporterssof the incumbent state's attorney are not only numbers, but upset with the >> ss many voters did not vott in the election. had they done that, miss jespee probably would have been in better shape. >> patricia jessamy's claim is claiming thousands of votes may not have been counted. >> how many voted. ú%ere? >> election commissioner will not comment but he said the %
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)